April 2020 Onalaska TX Tornado

The April 22, 2020 Onalaska, Texas tornado was an EF3. It struck Polk and San Jacinto Counties, crossing over Lake Livingston between the Davy Crockett and Sam Houston National Forests in the southeastern part of the state.

Mapped damage in conifer areas may be more accurate than damage in deciduous areas, and most affected forests of this area are conifer, but recently logged areas and bottom lands have a stronger deciduous component. Based on ForWarn's MODIS 8-day time series, the more deciduous forests here were about 55% greened up by April 21, 2020 compared to about 30% a year earlier. This could result in ephemeral leaf stripping in those deciduous areas that could obscure actual damage. 

The maps below are a provisional top-of-atmosphere dataset.