The HiForM project emphasizes use of Sentinel 2 imagery that is freely available from the European Space Agency. Depending on the desired vegetation index, products can be generated at 10 or 20m resolution, which is up to 9x more detail than Landsat at 30m resolution. 10m approaches the size of a large canopy tree, so by using it for analysis, one can resolve disturbance patches that involve from one to just a few trees. It's high temporal frequency which can be every 5 days increases the chance that a cloud free view can be obtained several times per month.

For systematic near-real-time disturbance detection from 240-meter MODIS for North America go to our ForWarn II page and viewer that you can find here: https://forwarn.forestthreats.org/ 


In 2019, the HiForm Team won the USDA Southern Research Station's 2018/2019 Science Delivery Award.

HiForm Team award