2017 Eagle Creek Wildfire, Oregon

The September 2017 Eagle Creek Fire burned the Columbia River Gorge in northern Oregon and caused substantial immediate tree mortality. Such impacts are readily mapped, particularly in the western US where the status of canopy conifers provide a robust indicator of change.

Mapping secondary tree mortality after fire is more difficult, yet important; and delayed mortality may result from surface fire damage to roots or boles, secondary beetle attacks, or drought stress in the years after fire. The Eagle Creek fire shows particularly acute secondary NDVI declines that likely caused tree mortality. HiForm's script lets you readily explore post year 1 to post year 2 mortality and cumulative effects. This capability is critical for post-disturbance and recovery monitoring.  

These maps were generated using 10m dNDVI Sentinel 2 Top of Atmosphere composited products.

Eagle Creek Fire Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eagle_Creek_Fire